I’m not one hundred percent convinced it is their Sharona.

Watching Falcon Heavy

We recently got a new TV. (Samsung 65" 4K, etc, etc) Aside: The TV is excellent. (Notably, the built-in apps are lighting fast. Much better than Sony.)

For whatever reason, the old Apple TV was stuttering and lurching during playback to this new TV. So I bought a new 4K Apple TV and a high bandwidth HDMI cable. Plugged it in yesterday, and it is excellent. Very nice to see that movies I had already purchased on iTunes show up on the box in 4K video, which is also excellent.

The TV is hooked up to a powerful home theatre receiver. A huge Sony thing. And 5 high end big speakers, and a large sub woofer.

I install the Apple TV YouTube app. Which I *thought* could play in 4K (It can’t because Google and Apple are fighting). And has good audio options.

So, I get to thinking. What would be good to watch. Hmmmm. Ponder ponder.

Well, the answer, obviously, is the Falcon Heavy launch, with binural audio. Yup. This Video.

So, a quick search in the YT app, and it's queued up, right when flames first appear at the base of the rocket.

And, a few clicks on the volume UP button are in order here.

So, I click, and click. OK, so I clicked quite a lot.

Gentlemen, we are at 11.

And... Play.

And, it is absolutely awesome. Chest is shaking. Walls are shaking. Children in upstairs bedrooms with headphones on are saying What The F-Heck!

But the full on rumble from those Merlin engines is STILL BUILDING. The full effect, gentlemen, has only just begun.

And it gets louder and louder. Walls and the couch are shaking. The subwoofer is actually moving across the floor. And the crackling sound is ear splitting. The situation is excellent. Much enjoyment.

THIS is a launch.

I am anticipating the sonic booms soon to come.


A sudden silence.


Gentlemen, we have obliterated 5 very high quality home theatre speakers, and a subwoofer. The jury is still out on the receiver, as I have no way to test it at this time.

From the couch I can smell the burning melted coils from each of the speakers. I verify by sniffing each in order, and yup, strong odor from all speakers.

I go downstairs and have a look at the receiver. It has shut itself off. It has just utterly given up.

A tiny, tinny sound comes on now. The TV has realized that the home theatre system has become inoperable and it has switched to lame internal speakers. At low volume.

And that, is how you listen to a Falcon Heavy launch at home.

Hello World!